Schut PrecisionParts is a leading company that offers abrasive solutions for companies in the dredging industry, mining, power plants, transhipment and recycling.

Switch Organizations in These Sections Schut PrecisionParts is for:

  • Delivery of extremely wear-resistant wear parts such as: cockybars, wafer strips and wearblocks.
  • Delivery of wear-resistant welded plates, wear-resistant welded and spattered parts.
  • Delivery of abrasion resistant buses and axles in various grades like X120MN12, 42CrMo4V, 100MnCr6, 100Cr6, Inconel, Hasteloy, Titanium etc.
  • Delivery of parts produced from Ceramics, such as Aluminum Oxide, Zirconia, Melt Basalt, etc.
  • Delivery and / or processing of abrasion resistant / heat resistant castings.
  • Delivery of forged replacement parts in large dimensions.