State Secretary Sander Dekker visits our stand at the Hannover Messe.

Interesting conversation regarding training professionals and the future of the manufacturing industry

Fanuc Robot In Operation

Watch the video above to see our Fanuc Robot in action.

Hermle C40 In Operation

Watch the video above to see our Hermle C40 in action.

Roll-out DUT Racing Team

The car of the DUT Racing team has been able to roll out on Friday June 13th. Partly thanks to the complex components produced by Schut PrecisionParts. In an interactive way, we have been innovating to find a good result in collaboration with TU Delft students. The complex parts are mounted in the drive of the wheels. By applying light materials and producing them with high precision, it has been possible to create high weight savings and assemble high-quality structural parts into a complex functional drive.

Minister visited our stand at Hannover Messe

Minister of economics Ralf Christoffers visited Schut PrecisionParts during the Hannover Messe.

Our stand at the Hannover Messe

Take a look at our stand on the Hannover Messe this year.

Formula Student Team Delft – TU Delft EV Racing

Schut PrecisionParts is currently active in the development of parts for the racing car of the “DUT racing team”

DUT Racing Team

A reliable partner with high tech and high touch

Schut PrecisionParts has been an extraordinary specialist in machining operations for over half a century. In addition, more and more clients are calling on the qualities for sub-assy’s and even for complete end products. Due to this development in the market, the company takes a significant step further: as a total supplier.

For many clients, the delivery of a fine mechanical component is only one part of their problem. Much more important is often support throughout the entire process. Providing added value in a broad field is the key. In the design stage, Schut PrecisionParts thus often pushes to ensure efficiency in the further range.

At the moment, it is also happening in the attraction industry. With Vekoma Rides Manufacturing, for example, Schut PrecisionParts has been building a special partnership for some time. The specialty in this industry and the extensive expertise of the company in Alblasserdam play an extremely important part. The flexibility and precision provide the opportunity to produce on a call basis. It is up to the customer to determine which ‘Schut PrecisionParts’ he wants to make: that of supplier of fine mechanical parts or supplier of total solutions. The result remains the same: a happy partner to work with you for your strategic interests. For nothing, Schut PrecisionParts speaks of ‘high tech, high touch’.