You need a fine mechanical part that meets the highest requirements

Whether you are looking for the partnership of a total solution provider, one that takes care of your people and takes responsibility. The route is the same in both cases: Schut PrecicionParts

We have been for 60 years specialists in machining operations. But we have never done quiet. Innovate the more. As a supplier for a wide range of industries, we have the people and resources at home to provide you with the right solution.

The products and services of Schut PrecisionParts, among other things, find their way in the driving, transport, and international rail industry. Often we are enabled for heavy duty parts that perform a central function for a good and safe operation of the final product. Customers include the maintenance services of the larger public transport companies, manufacturers of transport systems and other self-procuring end-users of special machinery and equipment.

In addition to the production of parts, we have been set up for various additional logistics services such as material purchasing, stock management, just in time delivery and the aforementioned product protocolling. We consider closely listening to the wishes of our relationships as a logical starting point for the development of successful services. For example, in the supply chain for multiple clients, we take a stockpile position. We keep spare parts preserved. On call, they are delivered ‘just in time’, exactly following production or maintenance planning.

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